Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Meal that Went with the Chutney

At this point the chutney is only a week and a half old, so I seem to be moving at a reasonable clip, given general scheduling issues. (It's possible to make a jar of chutney as well as the following meal in a single night, but uploading photos is too hard.)

As I mentioned, my two greatest inspirations for dinner were
1) a whole lot of very sour mangoes that I didn't want to go bad, and
2) a conviction that mangoes and ground lamb were sure to go well together.

The outcome was, eventually, this!
That would be ground lamb rolls, mango chutney and fresh peas cooked with fennel and duck fat.

The lamb rolls, like the chutney, were an internet amalgamation of a few recipes. The recipes I read suggested laying out a sheet of phyllo dough and rolling up the lamb in it, but we didn't have phyllo dough. The dish might have been better with phyllo, but I put together a vague pie crust instead and rolled the lamb dough up in that.

The lamb was not very spiced, even though we both enjoy very spicy lamb, because the chutney was very, very intense and jealous of competition.

The peas were very fun. They were left over from the weekend, and as I mentioned - fennel and duck fat. (It's been very exciting, now and then, to have a container of duck fat lying around the fridge. You never know when it can be used in some interesting and tasty new way, such as flavoring peas!)

This spur-of-the-moment meal was brought to you by a hilariously well stocked fridge, and the letter M.

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