Thursday, March 15, 2012


Why the exclamation point?

All right, some folks might naturally show enthusiasm for hamentaschen, either because the holiday of Purim is a time for extreme merriment or because they genuinely like hamantaschen.

Hamantaschen, incidentally, are triangular cookies with a fruit filling inside. I tend to regard them in about the same way I think of gefilte fish; they're fine in theory, but a mass-producing culture that dumps a lot of inferior product on the market to be consumed in bulk mars the good name of the food.

If the problem is just that I haven't tried your hamentaschen, then it's okay for you to send some over to prove that point. :-) Also, we did get a few very tasty batches of hamentaschen from friends this year.

Also also, this year I made hamentaschen dough at the school where I work. I used this recipe, which created delicious, amazing dough. (I didn't make the filling though, so I can only attest to the dough.)

As you can see, the recipe calls for the zest of an entire orange and an entire lemon. That is doubtless why the recipe is so delicious. I sextupled the recipe for the sake of the 40 students who would be making hamentaschen and I only tripled the amount of zest, so a full complement of zest would likely be mind-blowing.

Ramble, ramble. The school-made hamentaschen are not the source of my hamentaschenal enthusiasm. Instead, last week (the week of actual Purim) my Facebook "friend," Crumbs Bake Shop, posted a picture of the hametaschen they were selling. I love crumbs for their big, elaborate, excessive cupcakes. It looked like they were doing their hamentaschen the same way. And with sprinkles!

I don't see any Crumbs shops in my day to day life, but S--- walks past one every day on his way to work. (It is probably a very good thing that our situations are not reversed.) As soon as I saw the Crumbs hamantaschen, the Monday before Purim, I asked him to pick some up. He implied that he might get some that day, or maybe the next.

Then he forgot. And forgot again. The whole week of Purim was over, and there were no giant, sprinkly hamantaschen.

I had given up. And then last night, S--- came home. I walked into another room, and when I came back into the dining room...


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